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Attract Pretty Pollinators with an Irresistible Butterfly Garden. Many butterfly populations are dwindling right now, but with a few minor tweaks in the garden, we can help save these pretty pollinators, and enjoy their beauty and benefit in the garden at the same time. Read on to discover which plants butterflies need during their life cycle, and what to grow to attract various species to your yard.

Made in the Shade Flower Mix

Looking to fill a shady spot of your garden with color? Try our Made in the Shade flower mix. These shade dwellers will brighten up shady spaces.

Cupid Culver's Root

Easy to grow native perennial that tolerates moist soils. Attract butterflies to your sunny garden with Cupid Culver's Root. Showy spires of purple blooms appear in mid to late summer. Plant with other butterfly attracting perennials like Black Eyed...

A Fab Prefab

Interesting roof on this garden shed. Might be able to incorporate this into a tiny house design for ventilating hot air out in the summer.

English potting shed plans

English potting shed plans one photo English potting shed plans Tiny Garden Sheds ...

Carnivorous Flowers and Plants

Sarracenia attracts its prey with its sweet and nectar-like secretion on the pitcher surface, and its colorful appearance. The digestive process starts immediately by attacking the prey with a toxic coniine poison. Apart from nitrogen, Sarracenia absorbs phosphorus from its prey. Unlike the related plants, the Sarracenia flava is distinguished by its especially unpleasant smell which resembles cat urine.