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The smallest hummingbird: "The Bee Hummingbird or Zunzuncito is a species of hummingbird that is endemic to dense forests and woodland edges on the main island of Cuba and on the Isla de la Juventud..."

Pine Siskin

The Pine Siskin is a North American songbird. It is a very small songbird with sharp, pointed bills and short, notched tail.

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Fresh Farmhouse

Schwalben sind meine Lieblingsvögel im Sommer!

Singing a happy song

Tuttu lintu voimapuutarhassakin. Linnut ja lintujen laulu. Linnun voi nähdä Runotalon ikkunasta.

Build a Garden Shed

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Preparing to Make a Hedge Hog House and Taking Care

Currently researching on how to make a home for hedgehogs, here you will find some information that I have found so far. The reason on making a hedgehog house is so that we attract good wildlife, a…

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Talk about BEEing important - these little soldiers are the pollinators of our crops! ;-)

12 common British garden birds you can spot in your garden

Many of us find pleasure in watching birds, whether it's in our own gardens or out in the countryside on a walk. But what are the most common garden birds to spot in the UK? From blackbirds to wrens, find out how to identify popular British garden birds and attract them to your garden space.