Mexican Sunflower Seeds

Vibrant-orange blooms of Tithinoa rotundifolia are offset by gorgeous green foliage, making this annual a must-have for any Sunflower lover. Mexican Sunflowers attract butterflies and hummingbirds and make great cut flowers. Annual.

Build A Butterfly Enclosure. Go on … do it!

If you're raising Monarch butterflies for a school, camp or just at  home, THIS is the way to do it.  For years I raised my Monarchs inside in a glass jar.  Then I built this butterfly cupboard to hang on the side of my house and it's spectacular.

Texas Gardening forum: Hummer season 2014 -

The smallest hummingbird: "The Bee Hummingbird or Zunzuncito is a species of hummingbird that is endemic to dense forests and woodland edges on the main island of Cuba and on the Isla de la Juventud..."

HELP! Where should I put my new swing?

Hummingbirds haven't noticed your swing quite yet? We at Pop's would love to help with that. Try these amazing tips to get them to notice your swing. Hummingbirds can get so busy with focusing on great food that they don't notice subtle changes to their surroundings.

Millennium Park Chicago - Everything you need to know

Millennium Park in downtown Chicago is the city's most popular attraction. With free concerts during the summer, ice skating during the winter, Lurie Gardens, and more, there is so much to do in Millennium Park.

8 Fall-Blooming Native Plants We Love

Give your garden structure with this flowering shrub. Native to North America, common witch hazel offers spidery yellow flowers and wonderful golden-yellow fall foliage. Name: Hamamelis virginiana Growing Conditions: Full sun to part shade Size: To 12 feet tall and wide Zones: 3-8 Native to North America: Yes

Pine Siskin

The Pine Siskin is a North American songbird. It is a very small songbird with sharp, pointed bills and short, notched tail.

Northern Cardinal

The Northern Cardinal is also known colloquially as the Redbird, Common Cardinal or just Cardinal.

Magic Blue®: Lockt unglaublich viele Bienen und Hummeln an

Unser Strauchbasilikum 'Magic Blue' ist mehr als ein Basilikumpflänzchen. Er wächst gut verzweigt und blüht ab Juni den ganzen Sommer über bis in den Herbst in herrlichen Violett-Tönen. Ein wahres Blühwunder!